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The Holston Strategy


BAE Systems is a global defense, security and aerospace company and has a 25 year contract to operate and manage the Holston facility for the US Government. A major element of this contract requires BAE SYSTEMS to develop commercial diversification of the facility’s assets. This is being achieved through the creation of the Holston Business & Technology Park. Redevelopment of this property began in 1999 and is attracting a variety of businesses in manufacturing, rail services, distribution and information technology. An innovative business technology incubator has been created to provide affordable business space, along with financing assistance, venture capital and resource opportunities for small to medium start-up companies. In addition to the variety of on-site resources, the new Holston Business & Technology Park offers financial incentives through the ARMS program developed by the Army. Holston Business & Technology Park is well suited for your company growth and is surrounded by a community of dedicated workers, corporations and city governments that share a common ideology of accelerated economic growth for the Tri-Cities Region.

The ARMS Initiative


Holston Business & Technology Park is operated by BAE Systems for the United States Army. The complex is now available for use by private business and industry through the ARMS Program. The Armament Retooling & Manufacturing Support (ARMS) program offers prospective commercial and industrial businesses the opportunity to locate at eligible facilities and to improve their competitive advantages. Facility infrastructure and services are available to businesses seeking cost effective manufacturing and office space. ARMS provides funding mechanisms to support business locating at Holston. Financial incentives, repayable over mutually agreed periods are available for building alterations, extensions and equipment relocation.